February 1, 2014

Super Bowl 2014 Quilt - Seahawks vs. Broncos!

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Custom King-Sized Seahawks and Broncos Themed Quilt
Who knew that the two teams in this quilt would end up in Super Bowl 2014!!  No one did at the end of last year when I made this quilt!  My customer is in a "mixed marriage", wherein one loves the Seahawks and the other loves the Broncos.  This custom quilt was to keep each partner happy with both team's fabrics and colors.  Such power a quilt can have!

And, why, yes, I did position the quilt so the Seahawks fabric would be seen the most in the pictures!

And my revelation that this quilt represents Super Bowl 2014 is a fairly recent one because it was only two days ago that I even thought to find out who the Seahawks were playing!  It's not too high on my priority list!  I have other things on my mind!

Being north of Seattle in Washington State, we have seen lots of Seahawks fever in town lately with several #12 rallies at the local football field, with a helicopter hovering and all.  It's next to where I take the kids to indoor homeschool soccer, otherwise I'd never have known about it.  And, yes, I did have to have it explained to me that #12 is the 12th man on the field in an 11-man team - the fans!  The orthodontist's office is also a Seahawks shrine with decorations everywhere and employees wearing navy and green, just one of many, many such sightings.  

And another point about Seahawks and Broncos - the states of Washington and Colorado.  Both states legalized marijuana last year.  Hmmm.  I find it alarming that 60% of the people of my state thought legalizing marijuana is okay.

Go Seahawks!!

This king-sized quilt was a custom order in my Etsy shop, BusyHandsQuilts!

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Very nice quilting Myra!!