September 26, 2014

Miss Kate 16-Patch / Hourglass Quilt + Craftsy Sale!

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I have fallen in love with Miss Kate by Camille Roskelley and have great plans for using it in my home!  I love 16 patches mixed with hourglass blocks, so that is the first quilt I am making with Miss Kate.

I cut a jelly roll in half and made sets of four strips.  They look pretty uninspiring to me, and I was beginning to doubt my decision of this fabric for this project.
Miss Kate 16 Patch
But look what happens when the strips are subcut into 2.5" segments!  
Miss Kate 16 Patch
I have been in a bit of a slump lately, in most areas of my life.  I'm dealing with getting my digestion back to health, and for me this means elimination of a lot of things ... gluten, grains, corn, nightshades which include potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, {did you notice that means CHIPS AND SALSA??} and after I get these down, I will eliminate dairy.  I still need it for my hot cocoa, my favorite treat!  

Mentally I am doing very well with the elimination {read I AM DETERMINED}, because I know I have to address my digestion issues as I am starting to have symptoms outside of the digestive arena that are caused by poor digestion.  They are in the neurological realm ... serious business to address before they progress to disease.  I have been having some headaches with the new way of eating, but they will pass!  

I have found Why Isn't My Brain Working? to be a very informative book and highly recommend it.  It explains the gut-brain connection and how to keep the brain working optimally and how to get it working again if it isn't working well, first by healing and supporting the gut.
Thyroid disorders
Mental Fog
and on and on and on and on 
can often be helped {or prevented or cured} by nourishing the gut.

'Nuf about that.  

On to some real exciting news for today!

Crafty is having a huge fabric and yarn kit sale this weekend through Monday!  All fabric and yarn kits are up to 70% off!!  
The Mystery Quilt Kit for October is made from ... MISS KATE!!  I have a kit on my shelf awaiting the instructions to be released in October!  It is on sale for less than I paid for it a few weeks ago.  {sigh... it happens}.  When the pattern is revealed, I'll probably wish I had bought another kit!!

I also purchased the September Quilting Workshop Kit but haven't started it yet.  I plan to do that very soon.  The fabrics have a real modern, fresh feel, and I love them in combination with the star quilt pattern.  Back when I purchased the kit, the pattern had not been revealed, and it was still a MYSTERY, and I was so tickled to see the pattern when it came out!  I love stars!

Some other Craftsy kits I have been eyeing may also find their way to my stash!

I'm really tempted by this one, because I LOVE making huge quilts!

Happy shopping!

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ThreadCatcher said...

I'm glad you have found a project to help you over this 'slump'. Food intolerances can be overwhelming, but can make such a difference in your health if you can make the necessary changes. Have you found The Gluten Free Homemakers site? She is super for gluten free, dairy free recipes and adds options for grain free also. Hope you feel better sooner rather than later.

Marsha Cooper said...

Since I'm working with about a million (literally) 2 1/4 inch squares I had to click over to see what you were doing.