December 15, 2014

Favorite Badge Clips + Christmas Shipping at Lilla Rose

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Myra Barnes
Independent Lilla Rose Consultant

Lilla Rose makes the most comfortable hair clips I have ever worn, far more comfortable than plastic claw clips!  I wear them every day, holding my hair up in a bun or pulled back in a half-up or ponytail, without ever getting a headache.  Lilla Rose hair accessories and badge clips make the perfect feminine gift! 

badge clip is a super classy way to display your ID badge at work.

My favorite badge clip is the Lovely Circle.  One of my sisters is an RN in a hospital, and she also loves this clip.  I love the amazing blue hue in those beads. I'm hoping to be given a position as a volunteer at the local hospital beginning in January, and I've got my badge clip ready to go!  My plan is to rock babies in the Special Care Nursery and deliver flowers to patients, but there are more applicants than positions to fill, which is good for patients but not so good for me!

The Roman Style Cross badge clip is the favorite of my other sister who works in medical records at a hospital.

Maybe you have a friend or loved one who could use a beautiful badge clip? There are magnetic clasps available since some hospitals for safety reasons require a release mechanism if the ID tag is pulled on or gets caught.

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