February 22, 2015

Custom King Size Sparkler Quilt {Quilting}

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The king size Sparkler quilt blocks have been assembled, and the quilt top and backing are loaded on the rails, the black batting is sandwiched in between, and this baby is ready to quilt!
I ♥ extra-wide backings after learning to square them up by tearing the raw edges.  My ♥ just sings when the backing is rolled on the rails and ends up perfectly flat, especially when it's a king size and it's still perfectly flat after 3+ yards rolled up on the rail!  It's nearly impossible to square up backings by cutting them; tearing results in the edge being straight with the grain of the fabric.  I am not sure why, but regular quilt fabric doesn't tear like extra-wide backing does.  I sure wish it did when I use it for pieced quilt backings.

The next step is my least favorite of the entire quilting process - making bobbins! Oh, how I dread making bobbins!  Fortunately I have a Bobbin Winder to save wear and tear on my beloved old Bernina 830.  Anything to extend her life - I ♥♥ her so much!  I'm going to make 15 to start, and that likely won't be enough.  On a queen- or king-sized quilt, I change the bobbin after every pass across the quilt so all loose threads end up at the edges, even if it means not using the entire bobbin.  I can always use the remainder of the bobbin at my regular sewing machine when piecing.

This quilt is a custom order in my Etsy shop, Busy Hands Quilts.

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1 comment :

Shannon said...

15 bobbins, AGH! I can see why you don't like that part. Looking forward to seeing your quilting. Have fun!