February 1, 2017

Why I Love Keeping a Stash Report {January 2017}

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I've long resisted keeping track of yardage in and out, but I'm finding I love doing it!  The accountability really keeps me focused on using instead of buying and hoarding.  It's exciting to add to the Yardage out column!  I have a goal for how many yards of fabric I use and don't replace this year, but it's so big and so ridiculous that I won't tell you what it is.

Yardage in 33.4    Yardage out (48.6)   Net Yardage (15.2)

Some of the Yardage out was from selling stash in my Pattern Shop.  

As far as quilt progress, this month I released a new pattern, Jelly Roll Waves, and finished these 5 quilts.  The first three are lap quilts in my new Jelly Roll Waves pattern, the fourth quilt is a large lap Rainbow Wave quilt {for sale in my Quilt Shop}, and a custom order Baby Rainbow Star quilt.

In February and March I have two custom orders to work on; a twin size Kite Flight and a king size Postcard From Sweden, both orders through my Quilt Shop.

But first I will enjoy my vacation here in Arizona with my parents!  The warmth and sunshine are wonderful!

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1 comment :

Shannon said...

You are well on your way to reducing that stash! And you had a very productive month. Have fun in the sun!