November 19, 2017

Tips for Using a Stripology Ruler

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I'm so excited to share with you what I've learned about using the Stripology ruler!  I had heard great things about how easy it made cutting strips and bought one over a year ago.  But using it was another story, and I never did fall in love with it.  So there it sat.

Last week, when facing cutting 120 strips 2.5" wide, I decided to give the Stripology ruler another try.  And the light bulb went on, and I cut 120 strips in 45 minutes!

My main error was thinking that the ruler needed to line up with the lines on the cutting mat.  This was a constant battle that I couldn't overcome.  If I shifted the ruler to line it up with the cutting mat, the fabric also shifted because of the amazing grip on the back side of the ruler.  So I gave up.

Here's what I figured out.

The fabric is folded in fourths, and the white line across the top of the ruler is lined up with the top fold of the fabric.  This line is indicated by the red arrows in the picture below.  It has nothing to do with the lines on the cutting mat; it only matters that the fabric is folded straight and lined up on this line.  If the fabric goes above this line, it will not be completely cut when the blade runs through the cutting grooves.

The next thing to note is that all four layers of the selvedge on the left side of the fabric is to the left of the first white vertical line (indicated with a red arrow below).

This Stripology ruler cuts two sizes of strips; 2.5" and 1.5".  A 2.5" strip is marked as a square on the ruler, and the 1.5" strips are marked as a star.  I figured out quickly that if I used the numbers, I would make a mistake and cut in the wrong groove, but if I stated "square" in my head each time I cut, I'd get it right.

So if you have a Stripology ruler and have found it difficult to use, maybe this info will help you!  If you don't have a ruler and want a quick method for cutting many strips with no waste, the Stripology may be what you're looking for.  There are two rulers; this one cuts 1.5" and 2.5" strips, and this one cuts 1" and 2" strips, though it would be easy enough to cut all four of these sizes with the first ruler if you're very careful about which slot you cut in.  This would be a great present for yourself this holiday season!

ETA:  Others love the Shape Cut ruler, but I do not.  There is no grip on the backside, so it slides over the fabric very easily and does not stay in place.  The Stripology ruler has the perfect amount of grips on the back to keep it in place with the pressure of cutting.  We all have our own opinions, and this is mine based on having used both of them.

A commenter was wondering how this compares to an Accuquilt Go! in terms of speed and ease.  Great idea!!  I have an Accuquilt Go!, and it would be a great option for cutting strips, too!  Honestly, I haven't gotten into the habit of cutting strips with my Accuquilt Go!, so I didn't even consider it for this project!  I am convinced it would work just as well and perhaps even be quicker.  Layering 6 layers of fabric would yield 18 strips in one pass of the die.  Just be sure to line the selvedge of the fabric up on one end so the strips are cut square to the grain of the fabric.  Thanks for the suggestion, Nicole!

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Shannon said...

I have a shape cut pro and it cuts 2.5" strips 8 at a time. I don't have to fold my fabrics and it goes super fast. I use it all the time to cut strips and also to cut my scraps. I also have the shape cut which cuts 1/2" and I use this one to cut other sizes. I use the shape cut pro way more!

Havplenty said...

I bought one of these rulers a couple of years ago since i cut my own strips. So that I wouldn't misscut, I bought a pack of colored dots from the dollar store to prominently mark the intervals I needed to make my cuts.

This ruler works great if you are cutting strips yourself and it prevents those bumps you can get at the folds when cutting strips.

Loris said...

Thanks for the tips! My Stripology ruler has sat for almost a year because I found it a bit confusing to line up that left edge without losing too much fabric. I also didn't realize there was one for 2" strips instead of 2 1/2. I'll have to give it another look and see if I can't make use of it. I use two inch strips a lot more often.

Nicole G said...

Wondering how this compares to the accuquilt cutter in terms of speed and ease?

Alison V. said...

These are such great tips! I don't have one, but a few people had them at retreat recently!

ThreadCatcher said...

I like the tip about using the line along the top fold. Thanks! I like that this ruler can also be used to cut strips in 1/4 inch increments.

Barb Neiwert said...

Thanks for the info. Reminds me I should dust mine off and actually use it! I like my binding strips 2.25 inches wide though, so I need to find a good pattern to use with it. Any suggestions?

GRLady said...

I love my ruler but appreciate the little pointers you mentioned.