August 22, 2019

Field Trips Quilt Kit at an Unbelievable Sale Price!

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In cruising through Bluprint this morning, I found that Field Trip, the quilt pattern I designed for Bluprint which utilizes a bundle of 9" x WOF fabrics, is 60% off.  Then to make things even better, the Deal of the Week coupon DOLLARSOFF also applies, and the quilt kit is available for $26.87 including shipping and tax!!!!

This quilt kit includes 9-1/2 yards of fabric.  Just sayin' what a deal it is.  :)

This pricing seems to work even if you're not a subscriber.  I signed out of my account, and the sale price was the same, and the coupon was still available.  Yippee!!

To see the Deal of the Week page, click right here.

To go directly to the Field Trips quilt kit, click right here.

You're welcome!  ;) 

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annemarie said...

Thanks Myra [ I got it for $34.39 total!!! I missed it the first time you posted it but this is a much better deal. Thanks again.

EYSchmitt said...

Thank you very much, Myra! I got it for $33.30 and I'm delighted.