October 8, 2019

Facebook 49719 Years Ago

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Do you see it?  Facebook existed 49719 years ago according to this post in my Facebook Group, Busy Hands Quilting.  Um, really?  In this screenshot, I covered over the poster's name and face because I don't think she wants us to know that she is over 49719 years old, but I'm okay if you know that about me.  :)

There's your funny for today.  I hope you have more!

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Shasta Matova said...

How funny! It looks like you are the older one, and with ESP since your replies are dated before the actual post!

Barb N said...

Too funny! I once caught our TV weather man post a high temp of 212 degrees. They repeated the broadcast for the 10:00 news with the same error. Still makes me laugh. Or shake my head.