November 2, 2010

Living Room Quilt

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I have begun a quilt to replace the one that has been hanging on the living room wall for almost five years.  Time for an update.  Mr. Hearts thinks so, too.  Hey, I'm willing to make a quilt if it keeps him happy!  Making a quilt is a way better request than some others he could think of!  It kinda sounded like an invitation to spend money, so I gleefully headed out to buy fabric!  Uhh, no, it was a suggestion to use some of the fabric that is bursting out of my closet!

This is what I have chosen.  Ain't she pretty!  I haven't been able to find the pattern anywhere.  This past week I decided to make the pattern myself since it isn't very complicated.  I am using these colors in florals rather than stripes and plaids.  The colors will be lighter than what is in the living room now - which means, of course, that other things will need updated, too!  Like the valances at the six windows...sounds sew fun!

These are the delightful fabrics I'll be using.  The top fabric is the light color that is common in all the pieced blocks.  Hmm, they look even yummier in person!

This is the test block.  I am sew glad I made a test before cutting out all the pieces because I had the measurements figured wrong.  Amazing how this rather blah block will end up so striking when pieced together with other blah blocks, isn't it?!  Please leave me a comment if you know this block's name, or even if you don't know its name!

And this is the quilt that will be coming down.  Would you believe that is a full/queen sized quilt?  The wall is huge, and what else would a quilter put there but a quilt!?  I am planning on selling it on Etsy.  What?  You haven't heard of Etsy?  It is the neatest place online!  A marketplace exclusively for handmade items with much lower fees and four-month long listing periods.  WAY better than that other site.  Well, I confess.  I have gotten stolen many great finds at that other place. 


Christine-The Quilt Dasher said...

Ooo, I love this pattern. I'm going to search your site to see if it's hanging in your living room. I love the fabrics you chose! I love your blog, it's my first time here.

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

@ Christine - I never did finish this quilt top into a quilt because I couldn't get Mrs.Singer, my long-arm quilting machine, to work for a time. I ended up selling the quilt top on eBay shortly after I finished it.

Christine-The Quilt Dasher said...

You have so many cool quilts on your site! I'm getting plenty of inspiration. :~)

Christine-The Quilt Dasher said...

...and you're a homeschooler! So am I... We use Switched on Schoolhouse. Love that curriculum!