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January 3, 2011

Autumn Roads Quilt Top

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The quilt I have named Autumn Roads quilt top is finished and waiting for the quilter to quilt it!  Oh yes, that would be me!  I'm sew thankful for my long-arm quilting machine!  I have wanted one for years, and it is interesting to note that it was provided during this year of unemployment!

These colors were a stretch out of my comfort zone, and I am pleased at how the top turned out.  She is approximately twin sized and will be listed for sale on Etsy and eBay when completed.  Stop back for a picture of the finished product! 

Hmm, should I tell you what Mr. Hearts asked when he saw this fabric?  He said, "You didn't pay money for that, did you?"  I did NOT slap him, but he did get the evil eye.


Lee Ann said...

I am loving this. It is so colorful and different. :-)

Mary said...

Very nice! I like your color and print combination! And your lines look so crisp! Impressive :)

Quiltstory said...

Oh that is such a funny comment, love the evil eye! I like those colors!! Looking great!