November 16, 2011

A Quilting Vacation!

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Here is proof that the skies can be blue at the Oregon Coast in November!  We have vacationed here with my parents nearly every November for 16 years, ever since Bookworm was a wee babe.  Another blessing of homeschooling is we can vacation on our own schedule, not a school's, and vacationing just before the winter holidays costs less, and there are less people around.

Bookworm, Millie, and Eagle Eye

I really did bring my sewing machine to quilt!  Quilting IS vacation to me!

 Today's weather is so stormy I took the picture from inside!

I finished the quilt you saw on the table above and am now working on my next quilt project - a queen-sized Irish Chain in red and white.  I am switching up the pattern a bit and putting the red/white vine fabric as the background where white is traditionally placed, and the three chains will be red-white-red. At this point I plan to put on the seminole borders rather than just a strip of fabric.  This just might be the quilt for my living room wall, since I haven't been able to figure out what to make yet! 

I bought this fabric to make an Irish Chain quilt as a wedding gift about seven years ago, but I was a beginning quilter then and had more dreams than know-how.  Plus, paying for it to be quilted was daunting.  Now that I have more experience and a long-arm quilt machine, Mrs. Singer, this project is much more do-able, and I am excited to begin!

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