February 22, 2012

Picket Fence in Spring Quilt

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Picket Fence in Spring is a design from my head - my first-ever quilt design!  I didn't want to cut up those yummy fabrics and wanted to have some large squares so they would be visible in all their yumminess!  She will measure 60" square {she is square, but is just pinned to the wall a bit crookedly}.  I just need to add a few borders and she's ready for Mrs. Singer ... who, by the way, is stitching again with her new foot ... but ... one of my sons noticed that one of her belts is ready to break!  It's in the mail and should be here very soon!

First Mrs. Singer will finish this quilt, a red/white double irish chain which has been on the rails since December of 2011.  This picture does not show the borders.  She is a twin/full size.

Then Mrs. Singer will quilt this quilt which is a twin size:

And then Mrs. Singer will quilt the Picket Fence in Spring quilt above!  

I've got sew many quilts in the works and am loving it!  Tomorrow I'll give you a peek at what is on my table now and what is coming after that!

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Krista Schneider said...

i LOVE the twin sized triangle thingymabobber quilt! it's stunning. the pickett fence one is darling too! the red and white chain quilt looks like it was a huge pain to put together, was it? i've always wondered about quilts with such intricate little squares...

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

@ Krista - I'm glad you like the twin-sized triangle thingymabobber quilt! She will be for sale on Etsy when she is done! The red/white irish chain quilt is not hard at all; it is all strips sewn together and then crosscut and resewn. No little squares to cut! I think your Rose Mini Quilt looks hard!!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What a pretty quilt you designed. I love the red quilt, too. What kind of Singers do you have? (I collect vintage machines, including Singers).

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

@ Cheryl - Thank you! I have a Singer 31-15, an industrial machine that has been fitted onto a quilting frame. Her patent date is 1896. You can read more about her under the Label "Mrs.Singer" in the sidebar.