December 7, 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt-Along {Clue #1 Finished!}

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I've finished Clue #1 of Quiltville's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt-Along!  There are 100 blocks here, anxiously awaiting discovering their placement in the mystery quilt pattern!  I've also changed my selection of neutral fabrics for the Grand Illusion Mystery QAL.  I had been planning on using white tone on tone dot fabrics, but when shopping for fabrics for a custom quilt I'm making, some light dottie fabrics jumped out at me, and I snatched them up!  I had originally planned on making this quilt entirely from stash, but I caved and and purchased fabric for it - three yards!  In addition to the four light dotted fabrics below, I may be adding a white fabric with small black dots to the neutral pile - not sure on how that will look just yet.  It might detract more than it adds; we'll see.
On to Clue #2!!  I'm not too keen on the Easy Angle ruler, so I'm glad this next Clue has other options besides using it.  I'll be using a rectangle and two squares, a tried and true method for me.  I'm too busy this month to spend extra time struggling to learn a new technique, and I really struggled with the Easy Angle during Clue #1.  I fully intend to keep up with the Clues each week so I have to use my time as judiciously as possible.

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Vireya said...

Love all those dotty and spotty fabrics!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Pretty Polka Dots!