January 1, 2015

Urban Churn Dash Sew-Along {Fabric Pull + Cutting}

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Here's my fabric pull for the Churn Dash Sew-Along.  My colors are quite a bit different than the sample quilt in the Sew-Along with black as my background and all nine blocks completely different rather than the two colorways for blocks that the sample quilt has.  I simply LOVE rainbows!
I went with deeper, fuller colors of the rainbow to more closely resemble an authentic Amish quilt.  Each block has two colors, and below I've paired them together.
Today I cut the block fabrics.  I've yet to cut the black background.  The large colored squares are 8-7/8" and the smaller squares are 4-1/2".  After cutting the first color, I realized it was better use of the fabric if I cut the WOF strip 9" wide rather than 8-7/8" wide in order to accommodate the 4.5" squares.  Then it was a simple cut to make the 8-7/8" square from the 9".
Craftsy is an excellent source of Kona Solids!

The Urban Churn Dash steps will be posted once a week on Mondays.


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Kathy S. said...

Oh Myra! That's going to be gorgeous!