March 18, 2011

1930s Reproduction Quilt Top

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Another QIP.  I have followed along with a Quilt Along over at Happy Quilting.  The instructions given in the Quilt Along are extremely helpful and very detailed. 

Here are my blocks awaiting assembly and finishing.  This block is made in an unusual way, and I found it to be the funnest block I have ever made.  Also, it goes together quite quickly, and you can make a fairly large quilt in less time because the pieces are a nice size and not overly small.  I look forward to using this block to attack more of my stash.  I'm not totally sure what I am going to do with this quilt once she is done; whether she'll be for sale or not.  It measures approximately 31" x 50".

I'm linking to Quiltstory!


nono said...

Great job! I'm also doing this quilt along, and I really enjoyed it!

Quiltstory said...

I love how you've put this together, the 30's prints and the white, perfect combo of vintage and modern. Can't wait to see it all the way done! :) Thanks for linking with fabric Tuesday :)