January 7, 2013

California Girl Stash Pile of Fabric

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I have decided to sew for myself on weekends while I have a custom quilt in progress.  I really would like to get a few things made for my living room.  And if I have a steady stream of custom orders {yippee!}, I'd never get my own projects done!

This is the pile of Moda California Girl by Fig Tree that I dove into on Saturday.  That layer cake was a win in a giveaway last year!  So far I have demolished a jelly roll.  What I'm making is a secret ... it just might be my first ever pattern!

I will tell you, though, that in sewing blocks together this weekend, I had the same trouble with the direction of seam allowances and butting them together in order to sew without pinning as I mentioned in this post.  Groan!  I wonder if I have never had this problem before because I have never set my mind to no pinning and didn't pay attention to the direction of the seam allowance since I was pinning anyway ?  I shall get it figured out - I hope!

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