August 24, 2013

Botanical Beauty Churn Dash Quilt WIP

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Botanical Beauty
I'm loving Botanical Beauty by Connecting Threads!  I received several BB layer cakes as a birthday gift and decided it was perfect for a churn dash quilt.  I am using MissouriQuiltCo's Churn Dash Tutorial on YouTube, and it is sew simple!  It uses layer cakes.
Botanical Beauty Churn Dash Quilt/
Here is my test block.
Botanical Beauty Churn Dash Quilt
Layer cake squares cut into 5" squares.
Botanical Beauty Churn Dash Quilt
5" squares pinned to white squares for quick chain sewing.  I pinned at the top of each side to make it very simple to sit down and sew without having to re-adjust every set.  I chain sewed down one side of all of the sets, and then turned them around and chain sewed down the other side without cutting them apart.  

I'll keep you posted as the quilt comes together.  I am not sure what size the quilt will be, yet.  I have enough fabric to make at least a queen, and I really do love making big quilts the best, rather than table runners and lap quilts.  I am so thankful for Mrs.Singer who has opened wide the door of quilting large quilts!

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love the fabric and the block!