February 10, 2014

Star Light Star Bright Quilt-a-long - Flying Geese Blocks

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Star Light Star Bright Quilt-a-long
The flying geese blocks are completed!  There are a total of 72 for the 3x3 queen-size layout.  I love this method of constructing flying geese blocks and plan to make more as soon as I can!  The only trimming at the end is to clip off the dog ears!

Below are the remaining squares that go into the quilt - a huge pile even after making the flying geese!
Star Light Star Bright Quilt-a-long
There's still time to join if you'd like to!  I have enough projects going without adding this one, but when I see all of the completed quilts at the end of Melissa's quilt-a-longs, I always wish I had made the extra effort to participate, so this time I am making time.  This quilt will most likely be for sale in my Etsy shop upon completion.

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Melissa Corry said...

I love that big ol stack of squares. We will parse it down with the HST's :) So glad you are joining in and great job on getting all of your geese done!