September 11, 2014

Custom King-Sized Phoebe's Flower Box Quilt - Progress #3

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The king-sized Phoebe's Flower Box quilt top is moving right along!  The blocks have been assembled in a 9x10 layout, and the borders are partially attached.  There is a narrow gray border to frame the quilt blocks with a wider white/purple border. The outer border is much wider; 10"-13".  I give this variation in measurements because on the sides the border will be 13" wide, and on the top and bottom, the border will be 10" wide.  This will make the quilt fit the bed it is intended for - a custom fit!  Sometimes I make the side and top/bottom borders different widths if needed to obtain the size I need; it is not noticeable unless they are significantly different.  I always ask custom quilt customers for the size and thickness of the mattress they plan to use the quilt on to be sure the quilt fits well after washing. 
Custom King-Sized Phoebe's Flower Box Quilt Top
Here is one block.  The original pattern blocks are 6.5" unfinished.  I increased them to 8.5 so the quilt would go together faster.
Custom King-Sized Phoebe's Flower Box Quilt Top
This quilt is a custom quilt for my sister!  If you would like a custom quilt, please contact me through my Etsy shop, BusyHandsQuilts.

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