September 2, 2014

Custom King-Sized Phoebe's Flower Box Quilt - Progress #2

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Phoebe's Flower Box quilt blocks are coming along!  The inner sections are made and ready for the gray sashings to be attached to two opposing sides, creating a square block.  They will be 8.5" unfinished, and there are a lot of them - I didn't count!
Custom King-Sized Phoebe's Flower Box
The sections went together quickly using strip-piecing methods.  After sewing together two WOF strips, I laid two strips sets right sides together with the seams butting together and subcut 4.5" sections.  I then pinned these subcut sections before moving them, since they were already perfectly lined up.  This resulted in nine duplicate blocks, but I figure in a quilt this size it will not matter.  It also made the process much faster because I didn't have to make additional decisions about what fabric should go where, then put them together and pin.  
Custom King-Sized Phoebe's Flower Box
You will find Progress Post #1 here.

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