December 27, 2014

Custom Twin-Size HST Quilt {A Peek!} + Take Charge of Your Health

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This pile of deliciousness arrived on my porch today!  Oh happy day!  This fabric is for my next custom order, which I plan to begin after the New Year following the major re-do of my sewing area which commences today.  This is a twin size half-square triangle quilt with a white background.  My customer had the amazing foresight to photograph her baby girl every month on a different fabric for 24 months! Such an adorable idea!  In memory of these pictures, she's asked me to make a bed quilt for her daughter.  And I'm happy to do so!  Can you believe I've never made an entire quilt with only HSTs before?!?  Triangles yes, but not HSTs.  I'm super excited to begin!

I'm looking forward to new things in the New Year, one of them being continuing on the healthier path that 2014 has been for me.  This year I have battled and overcome intestinal candida - YEAH!  Well, actually, I battled candida for at least the past five years, aware that something was wrong but not able to pinpoint what it was.  The symptoms that were so bothersome to me over those years are gone, and I am looking forward to continuing toward a healthier me - for myself, for my family, for our dog {she loves to walk and run!}, and so I have more energy to quilt!  {I LOVE them all!!!}

My naturopath has been so very helpful in guiding me through the maze of health products and lifestyle changes I needed to make.  But what I really learned this year is that nothing will change for me if something doesn't change inside me.  I am the key to my success in being healthier.

And if you struggle with even thinking about making any changes to your health, please, please, find a good naturopath {ask your friends, family, and co-workers for suggestions}, and get help from them.  A good naturopath will look at your whole being, your detailed symptom list and develop a step-by-step plan to get you moving toward a healthier you which is really a happier you.  And honestly, being happy inside might be the key to buying less fabric!!

I will be reading over The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle which I purchased earlier this year.  It has lots of info on getting fit, making more nutritious meals, using natural skin and hair products, how to do your best at preventing chronic disease, using essential oils, and so much more.  I'm particularly interested in reading more about avoiding chronic disease, getting fit, and meal planning, some of my weak points that need shored up.  This Bundle is coming back for 48 hours only and will not be offered again.  Would you like to take charge of your health along with me?

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