December 26, 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt-Along {Clue #4 Finished!} + Commitment to Healthier Living!

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Clue #4 blocks are completed.  That's 80 more for a total of 400!  I just might go buy some more black dots since all I have left in black is this big dot, and I'd like a bit more variety.  

I'm ready to start Clue #5 but first I'm going to rearrange my sewing room, moving desks, tables, shelves, and a whole lot of fabric.  This will be nothing short of a major mess.  I'm sure you like to see major messes, so I'll take some pictures for you!  I'm going to the local comic shop to get comic book boards tomorrow with the plan of refolding all of my fabric.  Okay, I'll work on Clue #5 before I finish that HUGE project because I have at least 750 yards of fabric!  Why yes, thank you for asking, I do plan to keep track of yardage as I refold it all.  If that doesn't get the stash busters involved and make buying fabric a capital crime {that means the DEATH sentence, ladies}, I suppose nothing will.  {SIGH}  You have no proof that I already mentioned buying more fabric in this very post.

And just in case you are not on a fabric diet {okay, even if you are - diets are meant to be broken flexible!}, Craftsy is having a terrific Year-End Clearance Sale!  Run on over, because buying fabric is justified when you run!

Speaking of healthier habits, although one could easily argue that buying fabric is cheaper than professional therapy, would you like to join me in a healthier 2015? I'm committing to exercising six days a week {I've already begun!}, tracking what I eat everyday, and doing a better job of meal planning.  My family just heads to carbs if solid meals are not available, and as a homeschooling mom that means three meals a day, folks, and they're all teenagers so this requires a lot of food and planning! I need super hero help in this department!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle will help me with all of these goals and encourage me on to develop other healthier goals, as well.  The Healthy Living Bundle will be available for 48 hours only - that's it! After that it will no longer be available.

Join me for a healthier New Year!

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Barb in Mi said...

You blocks are looking great - have you started on part 5 yet?