January 27, 2015

Custom King Size Sparkler Quilt {Cutting}

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I am super excited to be making another Sparkler quilt!  This one is a king size and is a custom order from my Etsy shop.  I made one for my son last year - and when my customer saw it here on the blog, he chose it over a rainbow Barn Raising!
That's 1620 pieces of deliciousness in 41 different colors!

I ♥ chain-piecing!  It might be my favorite part of quilting!

Both rainbow stacks are in the exact same order.  Some of the fabrics are so similar in color I could easily put them in a block with a different fabric and not notice until it's too late.  I remember having trouble with this when I made my son's quilt, so I'm being very careful to prevent that from happening again.
Since redoing my sewing room last month {I'll show you soon, I promise!}, each project I'm working on goes into its own bin rather than lying on top of my cutting table. Everything for the project is in the bin - the planned backing, the extra fabric, the cut fabric, the instructions, and my notes.  It is SO nice to put each project away and have the table clear for a different project.  
My sanity in quilting lies in having many projects going at the same time.  I simply cannot work on one project at a time until it's complete.  This might drive someone else crazy, but working on one thing drives me crazy!  I enjoy working on one step on a project, laying it aside, and picking up another bin and working on that, and the next day working on the next step for a quilt and putting it aside again.  I could crank out custom quilts faster if I worked on only one quilt at a time, but then I'd not enjoy quilting near as much and it would become drudgery, and that is simply not okay!

Sparkler is a quilt pattern by Freshly Pieced.

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mumbird3 said...

Wow that is a ton of cutting!!! :)

Jennie said...

Wow - a lot of cutting. Very organized too. But I totally agree that I need lots of different projects on the go at once!

Rachel said...

I absolutely love those rainbow fabric piles. I think I would have to leave them out to admire them for a while. ;) Looks great!

MegsAnn said...

I also have a hard time working on one thing to completion. I always have a few in different stages. Great idea to organize in bins... the piles are kind of taking over my room! :) www.quiltartbymegan.com

Cascade Quilts said...

I am totally the same - I have to be working on at LEAST two quilts at once. My mind just gets distracted too easy to work on one! I love having projects in bins - when I get tired of it, I can just put it away and I know all the fabrics for that project are ''safe'' from accidentally getting used in another project. I have an antique TV cabinet (with doors) that I gutted and put a shelf in - that is my 'projects' cabinet, with all my stacked bins - some with unstarted projects, but have the fabrics together needed for that project. Love having them like this!

Unknown said...

Wow!!! All those colors!! I do not like being in more than one project. But it is reality!!!
I will come back to see the finished quilt!