September 7, 2015

Custom Checkerboard Quilts {Progress #1 Cutting}

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My next custom order is two twin-size memory quilts in the Checkerboard pattern. They will be made from my client's husband's shirts and Kona Snow.  This order was the perfect reason to buy a new 2.5" strip cutter for my Accuquilt Go! Cutting up shirts is more time-consuming than cutting yardage, and using my Go! made the process quicker.  

Today is the last day Wednesday is the last day of Craftsy's Back-to-School sale!  When a quilt kit is a great price per yard, I consider buying it even when I don't like the pattern.  I have repurposed a Craftsy quilt kit several times, including my Grand Illusion Mystery quilt.  Here are a couple of absolute steals I found.  

Miss Kate Turn Over Quilt Kit - 9 yards of fabric for $51..!!  This Labor Day weekend, I am taking a break from working on custom quilts and pattern designing and sewing for myself.  My project is new curtains for the dining room sliding glass door using ...ta da ... Miss Kate with the addition of my favorite polka dots!!  I'm using 6" squares placed randomly - a simple yet always striking pattern.  Here's a great way to stock up on more!

Kona Cotton Plus Quilt Kit - 8.5 yards for $40..!

Very hard to resist!!


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Shannon said...

Looks like a fun strip quilt to sew! I'm off to check on that craftsy sale - thanks!