September 5, 2016

Fiber Tuesday {a Linky Party!} + Summer Solstice Quilt Along Progress

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Welcome to Fiber Tuesday where you link up your fun fiber projects!

My share is my Summer Solstice Quilt Along progress.  The blocks are nearly assembled with two seams to go on eight more blocks.  I tried to get them done for today's linky party but didn't quite make it.  Here's a glimpse of the rainbow of goodness in the blocks.

And here's the pile with two more seams to go.  This was my first ever attempt at curved seams in the drunkard's path blocks, and can I just say they aren't my favorite, but they weren't that bad.  But I say that in hindsight, ya' know.  

My plan is to add a border to enlarge this quilt to a queen.  It's currently about 75" square with no sashing or border.  I'm leaving off the sashing because I like the subpattern created when the blocks join up with each other.  Not sure what I'm doing for the border because the quilt parade for finished quilts at Happy Quilting is on the 14th, and that is approaching very rapidly.  Okay, so I just talked myself into leaving it the size it is, adding a narrow black border and calling it finished.  Yeah for decision-making joining forces with a reality check!

Fiber Tuesday is a link-up party by Mel over at The Quilting Room.  Link up your projects made with fiber!


Kim said...

You did a great job with the drunkards path blocks. It looks fabulous! These are going to look great.

Shannon said...

I enjoyed the conversation you had with yourself in this post! I do that to, but my conversations are out loud, usually with a room full of kids thinking I am talking to them! I think you have made great progress this week with your quilt and I know you will get it finished on time!

Melissa Corry said...

It is absolutely stunning!!!! I love, love, love the rainbow goodness and can't wait to see it all come together without the sashing. It is going to be stunning!!! And way to give that curved piecing a try, it looks awesome!!! And yes, it is always easier to say not that bad in hindsight ;)

TheEclecticAbuela said...

Such pretty blocks!