August 1, 2019

Field Trip and Soda Shoppe Quilt Kits ... And My Picture Saga

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If you love the sweet prints in the Strawberry Fizz fabric collection combined with old-fashioned quilt designs, today is your lucky day!  Two quilt kits I designed for Bluprint in Strawberry Fizz are on Bluprint's Maker's Black Friday Sale! And if you just love the fabric, this is the only way to get it since it's no longer available as yardage or precuts.

Last summer {2018}, I was asked to design two quilts that used a very specific group of fabrics - two sets of 9" x WOF strips, each with 19 prints in Strawberry Fizz.  

The first quilt design I came up with is Field Trip.  This is an 80" square quilt that places the red fabrics in the center chains.  It's entirely strip pieced, of course, and goes together very quickly.  This quilt kit is a steal of a deal right here.

This is the Field Trip quilt I made to test the pattern.  It's made with Island Batik British Rose fabrics that I received as an Island Batik Ambassador last year.  The chains are turquoise in a flurry of pinks, purples, and reds.  This quilt sold in my quilt shop.

Next up is Soda Shoppe, another timeless design also made from two bundles, each with 19 pieces of 9" x WOF fabrics.  I sized the blocks to make the best use of the fabric.  Several of the quilters who posted a picture of their quilt on Bluprint added white sashing and cornerstones to increase the quilt size to a queen.  This is a Twin XL.  It's a steal of a deal right here.

This is the Soda Shoppe quilt I made to test the pattern.  Fabric is mostly Gooseberry by Vanessa Goertzen for Moda.  It's an older collection but is still available right here.  A few Bonnie and Camille prints were included for variety.  I didn't have enough of most of the fabrics to use the same print for the corner triangles on the 9-patches, so in many blocks I used two different fabrics, each placed in opposite corners from it's mate.  I love the extra scrappiness this adds to the quilt.

This quilt should be for sale, but I am having a hard time finding time to list all of my finished quilts for sale - I took a TON of pictures of about ten quilts with the wrong setting on the camera {Portrait, in case you're wondering} so they ended up partly out of focus, and then getting pictures from the phone to the computer and time to do it all..........  Plus, I'm not so sure I want to sell this one.  I just ♥♥♥ it!!

To see everything for sale at Bluprint's Maker's Black Friday sale, click right here.  This link will take you to all of the goodness.  

Getting photos from an iPhone to a PC can be tricky.  I used to email them to myself, but this is SO time consuming on the phone and then on the computer.  The solution I found to easily get pictures from the phone to the computer is via Prime Photos, a free service if you already have Amazon Prime.  It must not be advertised a bunch, because I had never heard about it until I googled the cheapest places to store photos online.  You can set it to automatically upload pictures from your phone (Android or iPhone) to the app, and then download the app onto a computer (PC or Mac) so the pictures are available in both places.  Score!  Check out Prime Photos right here.

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Shannon said...

I have an iphone and my pictures come into my computer automatically into my icloud photos folder on my computer. I can also sign into on my computer and download anything that is on my phone or my ipad. You may have to link something, but once it's set up, it's super easy and I always have access to my photos without doing anything.