April 22, 2021

Easy Bargello Quilt Kit Back in Stock - The Quartz Metallic One!

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The Easy Bargello quilt in Quartz Metallics is in stock at Connecting Threads!  They've sold out several times, and they're back in stock.

Easy Peasy Squeezy!

I named this quilt pattern Easy Bargello 'cause it's the easiest Bargello you'll ever make as there are no seams to match!  If you've never made a Bargello quilt, this is a great place to start because it will teach you the technique without any fuss matching seams.  And of course it's all strip piecing for a quick and easy finish!

The Twin Size!

The Easy Bargello quilt pattern includes only the Twin size because it works perfectly for a 2-1/2" strip roll, and the math required to add other sizes was just . too . much!!

Quartz Metallic Fabric

The quilt kit includes a 2-1/2" strip roll of Quartz Metallic Tonals.  Each fabric is a different color, so there are no duplicates in the roll.  There's a whole lotta sweetness in there!  You can see the entire collection of Quartz Metallic Tonals right here.

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