March 18, 2013

Millie's Room Re-Do

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Millie's wish for her 12th birthday was to re-do her bedroom.  She was ready to paint over the pink walls with blue and green, and no, not pale blue and green either!  I'll show her your walls when the room is completed over the next month or so.  She also wanted new quilts in a rainbow of colors.  I have a love of bright rainbows,  as well, as evidenced by the rainbow quilt in my room.
This is the yummy stack of fabrics I got from when they had their 30% off $200 sale.  Thirty yards of Kona solids for $150.  Not too bad!  I am sure the clerks at were wishing they didn't have to process my order ... this is 60 half-yard pieces of fabric!  Yes, 60 different colors!  And don't forget, if you sign up for Ebates, you get a 4% cash rebate at and varying % rebates at many, many online retailers.  I get a referral credit if you sign up with this link.

Her top bed bunkbed is a twin.  I plan to use the Arithmetic Pattern for this quilt.  It should use all of the 60 fabrics at least once.  I haven't figured out yet exactly how many fabrics are required and whether or not there will be duplicates, and there just might be duplicates because I am NOT buying more solids for this project!

The bright green on the top right below will be the curtains that go around the lower bed on her bunkbed.  The curtains create a "cave."

Rainbow Fabric Stash

Below are the 18 fabrics she selected from the 60 for her Wave Quilt.  It will be a full size for the lower bunk which is full size.  This pattern is by Oh Fransson!  The free pattern is available HERE.  I have made this quilt before, and you can see that one HERE.  One change I made to the pattern is to cut the white strips 1/2" longer so that attaching them to the sides of the waves isn't so fussy and can just be eye-balled without measuring.  It doesn't take any extra fabric, just uses the WOF strip more completely.  I have the rainbow wave quilt already made, and she is currently on Mrs.Singer's rails awaiting quilting.  It is amazing ... beyond amazing ... totally stunning!  I can't wait to show it to you!!

Rainbow Fabrics

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eva said...

Rainbow colours are stunning in pretty much anything you do with them....
Look forward to seeing what you create!!