November 15, 2013

Passing on the Crafting Gene - Millie and I Make Pillow Covers!

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Passing on the Crafting Gene is a new series here at Busy Hands Quilts.  Sometimes it is too easy to let moments, days, months, no, it's years slip by without taking time to share with our kids the skills we have.  It's called living intentionally - making a sincere effort to do what we wished we had spent more time on when we're old and looking back at our life.  I am aiming to do that more.  For me that means scheduling in a set time every week when Millie and I do something crafty together.  Friday afternoons work well for us because it is our "light" homeschooling day since we have homeschool soccer in the late morning, and all school work is done before we go.  This is what we made last week.
Millie and Myra's Pillows

Isn't she just precious?  And, yes, in case you're wondering, she is taller than me by a whopping three inches!!!  Did you know she is only 12?

That delicious lime green is on two of her bedroom walls.  It is so refreshing!

Her pillow is made from fabric she collected for her rainbow room.  She has the suspicious gene of being addicted to fabric {gasp!} and I now hear myself saying, "You'll need to buy that with your own money, honey!"  She is so excited to have completed a project from her fabric stash.  

My hope is that she will become familiar with and addicted to the feeling of completing projects and make this a habit in her life, rather than beginning projects and setting them aside unfinished. Completing projects has always been a hardship for me, and I have only learned to persevere to the end in very recent years.  So blogger friend, if you don't know how to quilt a quilt, or bind a quilt ... just do it, get off the computer, jump in and learn it and finish those quilt tops you have begun!  It is such a confidence booster!
Bright Hearts Pillow Cover
My pillow cover is Keep On and Quilt On by Timeless Treasures.  It was a "couldn't resist" purchase this fall at a local quilt shop sale, and I actually had a plan for it when I bought it, which I cannot say about many fabric purchases.  I used fusible fleece to give mine more stability since I intend to use it as a seat cushion in my sewing room.

And the quilt on which the pillows are resting is Millie's Rainbow Wave Quilt which I made earlier this year.
Keep Calm Pillow Cover
Pillow Stats:

16" square, envelope backing
Unknown Rainbow Hearts on Black, unlined
Keep Calm and Quilt On by Timeless Treasures, lined with fusible fleece

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Sara said...

All I can say is HOW FUN to sew with your daughter! Love the photo of ya'll hiding behind the pillows!

Tiffany said...

How precious to spend time together. What a great idea. My son is still young, 4, but he always wants to help - maybe I'll buy a kid friendly sewing machine for him...

sonia said...

Sucha a great idea! I love working with my children and it really amuses me how creative and imaginative they can be. Gorgeous pillows, and I love the fabric she chose!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful....precious memories.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful pillows and what a great idea to spend time together crafting! Thanks for sharing.
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