July 5, 2019

Summer on the Porch Queen Quilt | Finished {or Not!} Friday Linky Party!

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Welcome to Finished {or Not!} Friday where you can share what you're working on and see what others have been making!

First off, in celebration of the 4th, all quilt patterns are on sale in my pattern shop on Etsy.  Click here to save.  

My Finish is some #SecretSauceSewing!  I can finally show you Summer on the Porch, a two block design made from the sweetest floral fabrics in aqua, red, pink, green, and navy.  The quilt kit is available in twin and queen size, and this is the queen.

There is a story behind this quilt hanging on my clothesline, and it has a sad part, so skip to the next picture if you don't want to hear a sad tale.  :{  I made this quilt and the Gooseberry Pie quilt that was posted last Friday in five days from start to finish.  Yes, cutting to binding in five days, one full size and one queen size quilt.  NOT recommended by any means, but required because I was heading out of town and had to have them returned to Bluprint before I left.  So I am super stressed for time but still want pictures of them because I take pictures of all of my quilts, and the pictures I take are very different than Bluprint's pictures.  {Mine are raw, and real, and theirs are professional.}  

Anyway, it's really windy, I have no time, and I'm stressed, and no one is home to help me keep the quilt off the grass or off the mossy furnace unit that is next to the clothesline.  I get this quilt on the line, lay beach towels over the grass/dirt to keep the quilt clean when it drags a bit as I advance the quilt on the clothesline away from the house.  {I have a clothesline off my back porch were I stand in one place and the clothesline goes around a pulley as I pull on the line, so the clothesline moves and I don't have to.}  I did mention it's windy, and quilt pictures do not work in the wind.  At all.  So I wait and wait for the quilt to somewhat hang down for a sorta decent picture.  I get this picture above {and for full disclosure, I edited this picture in Photoshop to get it to look even straighter than it was.}  

Then I start to pull the clothesline back in, and it is so windy that I can't keep it off the mossy furnace, which means I simply cannot pull it in; it will be a mess if I do.  If someone is home, they could hold it while I pull it in, but no one is home.  So I get angry.  I am in a hurry {I've got to get this quilt packaged for FedEx}, I'm stressed, and I get angry.  I should tell you that I don't get angry very often.  Ever since working on my digestive issues and SIBO, I hardly ever get angry.  The black cloud of anger that hovered over my head for at least 20 years is gone, for which I thank the Lord.  But I am angry.  I go out to the quilt, bundle it in my arms, and give it a good YANK.  And oh yes, the quilt comes down, clips and all, and so does the clothesline.  OOPS.  Fast forward.  My sweet husband fixes it for me.  Yes, he is a dear.  End of sad story with a good ending.  :)

This is a picture I took that day of the quilt on my bed.  Post anger.

These are professional Bluprint pictures.

Summer on the Porch was designed over 14 months ago.   Some things are just worth the wait though!

Summer on the Porch has been kitted by Bluprint and comes in both Twin and Queen sizes.  

And, today is your lucky day to get 50% off a Summer on the Porch quilt kit or a Gooseberry Pie quilt kit, or any quilt kit you want.  Use code JULY4TH50 at checkout.  

Quilt Stats:
Size:  96" x 96"
Fabric:  Garden Party by Bluprint
Backing:  A print from the collection.
Quilting: Diagonal bias plaid on Gratitude in bright white thread
Binding:  A print from the collection.

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Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

That sounds like something I would do. LOL I'm sorry you were angry and that the clothesline came down, but I did have a little chuckle. As I was reading, I had visions of your quilt blowing away down the road or something.

Shannon said...

While I am very sorry to hear about all the trouble you had getting pictures, i am very excited to say how gorgeous this quilt is! What a stunner!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

thanks for the feature Myra - yes Bonnie Hunter quilts do seem to take awhile!

Barb Neiwert said...

Sounds like you were well deserving of the anger, lol! Quite an accomplishment to get all that done in a short amount of time. That quilt is really pretty, and I look forward to getting the pattern when it comes out!

Linda said...

Wow, what an ordeal with the clothesline. But you got a great shot! Sounds like your husband is a keeper. :) Your quilt is just gorgeous!

Susan said...

I love the quilt, and I kept waiting for something terrible to happen! Like it got mud or grass stains all over it. I'm so glad it wasn't anything like that! I know you will let us know when the patterns for these are available through you, because I'm not on Bluprint, and I know this wasn't on there when I looked a couple of days ago. =) You told me the other one would be on soon, though - well, relatively soon. LOL. I hope you never have to do two big quilts in 5 days again!