August 10, 2022

Picket Fence Square Throw Quilt in One Fine Day!

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Oh, my!  This Picket Fence quilt fell through the cracks and didn't get posted here on the blog!  

This is a Picket Fence quilt in the Square Throw size.  The quilt pattern includes 7 sizes - two of which are Throw sizes.  One is a square quilt in which the pieced blocks are alternately rotated, and the other is a rectangular quilt in which the pieced blocks are all placed vertically.

This is the perfect pattern to feature your favorite fabrics that you don't want to cut up into small pieces.  It's no fun cutting oversized flowers, or cute cats and dogs, or fun prints for kids, into small pieces so you can't see their complete cuteness.  Feature those beautiful prints in Picket Fence!

The Picket Fence quilt pattern is available in the Busy Hands Quilts shop.

Bonnie and Camille Fabrics

...they never disappoint!  This fabric collection is One Fine Day by Bonnie and Camille for Moda Fabrics.  Since it took so long for me to get this quilt posted here, this is now considered an older collection, but you can still find it right here.

Precut Friendly

Picket Fence is a precut friendly quilt pattern - using 10" layer cakes in all sizes and combining the squares with 2-1/2" jelly roll strips in the Queen and King sizes.  The instructions include how to use the combination of layer cake squares and jelly roll strips, of course!

It's also the perfect pattern to use your scrap bins.  If you're a scrappy quilter, you likely already know how to convert a precut pattern to scraps by cutting the number of pieces in the sizes indicated in the pattern.  Great patterns include how many of each piece size you'll need to make it easy for scrappy quilters, and this is always included in my patterns.  :)  

7 Quilt Sizes Included

Yep, there are seven sizes included in the Picket Fence quilt pattern.  You will definitely use this pattern more than once because there are so many sizes.

  • Baby
  • Square Throw
  • Rectangular Throw
  • Twin
  • Square Queen
  • Rectangular Queen
  • King

The Picket Fence quilt pattern is available in the Busy Hands Quilts shop.

The Picket Fence Quilt Pattern

The Picket Fence quilt pattern is quick and easy, with strip piecing to speed up the process.  You won't be sewing together individual squares; they're all strip pieced!  Yay, I ♥ strip piecing, and you'll find it in my quilt patterns whenever possible.  

Two Layout Options are included in this quilt pattern.  The pieced blocks can be placed alternating directions in each row, or they can all be placed vertically.  This totally changes up the design of the quilt.  

This is a great quilt pattern to use your favorite prints that you don't want to cut into small pieces.  Plus, you can place the prints you like less in the pieced blocks so they are cut smaller and "hidden"!  

There are seven quilt sizes included, so the size you're looking for isn't missing - such a bonus to have all of the sizes right there to be used again and again.  :)

All that, and precut friendly to boot!!  

Longarm Quilting

I am uncertain of this longarm quilting design.  It's a swirly thing-a-ma-jig on the tablet on my longarm.  😬  Quilted on my HandiQuilter Fusion with ProStitcher in navy thread.

Both of these quilt tops were sewn by my sewist Kare, and quilted and bound by me.

Quilt Stats

  • Quilting Design - an unknown swirly design

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