September 8, 2019

Calliope - A New Quilt Pattern and Quilt Kit!

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I have another brand-new quilt pattern to show you!  Calliope just made her debut in the Connecting Threads catalog and is featured in the slider image advertising the Maison Rouge fabric collection on their website.  

Calliope.  Do you say "Cal-E-Ope" or "Kuh-Ly-Oh-Pee"?  My daughter and I say it differently.  She knows someone with this name, so she has some basis for why she says it the second way, and I have no reason for why I say it the first way, other than it's hard to change once you envision it a certain way.

Anyway, Calliope {however you say it!}, comes in five sizes - Baby, Lap, Twin, Queen and King - and has been kitted by Connecting Threads in Maison Rouge in the Queen size.  If you are looking for the kit or the standalone pattern, you'll find them both on the CT website.  I have licensed this pattern to CT for a period of time, so that's why you won't find it in my shop.  I do thank you for looking to see if you could buy it directly from me though.  :)  They are right here.

Below is Calliope in the current catalog.  I love to see how they style the quilts for pictures.

Calliope is the second quilt pattern of mine in the current Connecting Threads catalog.  I posted about Granny's Square Patch yesterday right here.  

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Linda said...

Another pretty pattern - yay for you! I look forward to my CT catalog. After all that's where I first discovered your patterns. :D

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

If I had a little helper I would start this quilt also. So many pretty quilts! So little time! Hugs

Loris said...

Calliope looks like a lovely design :-)

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Congratulations Myra. I get that catalogue so will look for it. It's a beauty, no doubt!

Preeti said...

Congratulations Myra!!! You are famous :-)