November 16, 2019

Brick Cottage Lane 2 Quilt Pattern Update and Sale!

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Brick Cottage Lane 2 quilt pattern cover has been updated and is currently on sale, including a preorder of the printed version!  In addition to a new cover, there were a few minor updates in the pattern that reduced the number of pages, but the bones of the pattern are the same.

The joy of this pattern is that I have figured out how to strip piece this quilt and have worked out all of the math and techy stuff for you.  It would be extremely time-consuming to piece this quilt brick by brick - though not impossible.  To save you incredible amounts of time and sanity, you will sew together strips of fabric into strip sets and then sub-cut segments from the strip sets.  Then sew the segments together as shown in the pattern, and you have saved yourself BOAT LOADS of time.  And that means you'll have time to make more quilts!  :)

You could, of course, cut a zillion bricks and sew them together one by one; there's no judgment in that.  The pattern also includes the traditional piecing this quilt, one brick at a time.

I have made Brick Cottage Lane 2 three times, all in king size.  If you can imagine, I have another one cut out to make another king size, this one in Island Batik British Rose.  That's on the to-do list for 2020.

This one is made with Island Batik Boho fabric collection, made in 2018 as an Island Batik Ambassador.

This is the first Brick Cottage Lane 2 quilt I made.  The fabrics are various Bonnie and Camille collections.

This is Simply Color by V and Co.  All three of these quilts have sold in my quilt shop.

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Cheryl said...

Great design and I love seeing all of the different colorways.