September 13, 2019

Sunnyside Lap Quilt in Yellows and Grays!

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There is nothing like the recipient of a gift heading out of town to college to get the rockets firing and a quilt finished!  This is a graduation quilt for a special friend moving to attend college in California.  Sunnyside in yellows and grays reflects the sunny skies of California where she is headed and the gray skies of a winter in Bellingham, Washington.

This quilt pattern is named Sunnyside because it's a town near where I grew up, and the quilt is reminiscent of sunshine.  It's most always sunny there and a pleasant enough place if one overlooks the incessant smell of the animal feed lots.  Just sayin'!  As I've often said, naming quilts designs is still a mystery to me, but this one came fairly easily.

The fabric is made from two curated FQ bundles from Fat Quarter Shop - Sunflower Spectrum and an Art Gallery gray bundle.  I can't find the bundle on FQS right now.  These bundles made it so easy to get a wide variety of fabrics, and I love that Art Gallery fabrics do not fray!!  They have a lovely hand and are my favorite fabrics to work with.

The graduate is pursuing a degree in Engineering, so a math equation backing was the obvious choice for her.  This fabric is Science Fair which comes in several colorways.  Click here to check it out.  And then perhaps the spiral quilting indicates waves at the beaches in both California and Washington.  This patterns is FQ friendly and there is a strip left from each FQ that is perfect for binding, so the binding is pieced with every other strip gray and yellow in 21" lengths.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  Sunnyside, available right here.
Size:  56" x 72" Large Lap
Fabric:  Art Gallery Sunflower Spectrum and an Art Gallery FQ bundle in gray.  The whites are from a FQ bundle of Modern Background by Moda.
Batting:  Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton/poly
Backing:  Science Fair in gray.
Quilting:  Spirals in white thread on Gratitude, my Handiquilter Fusion with Prostitcher.

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Loris said...

Sunnyside is so lovely! Such sweet thoughts in the making as well.
All the colorways are beautiful but I'm definitely drawn to the yellow and grey. Congrats to the new college student!

QuiltGram said...

I am usually quite decisive when I look at, lets say, three quilts and can quickly shuffle them mentally choosing my preference and runner up. This time I am writing a comment to see if one would filter to the top. Just thinking out loud here: If I wanted to reach a winter time market I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the red version. Not only could a customer use this one for Christmas, but the fabric choices are rich, homey, warm, and reminiscent of a fireside. The blue, yellow one is cheerful, bouncy, and summery. Reminds me of good choice for a baby quilt or a ‘breath of fresh air’ as winter is slowly turning into spring. Now, the yellow and grey one is sedate, more sophisticated and ‘grown up’. This time I don’t have a favorite quilt. I would be making my decision on what purpose I wanted to make the quilt. One more thought, many years ago I saw a quilt hanging in a local quilt shop. This is in Maine. The shop was located way out on a back road and an extension of the owners home. She started selling herbs and crafts and slowly transitioned to quilts. Since it was an addition, She had installed a wood stove for those long cold Maine winters. The inside of the shop was overflowing with quilts and fabric and one was enveloped with warmth in the frigid months. In this setting, I saw a quilt hanging that I fell in love with. I asked the owner if she cared the pattern and I was shown the pattern. (Yes, hanging right next to the quilt.). Nancy’s version was so much nicer than the sample on the pattern. I walked right by it due to the lack of interest in the pattern. That taught me that if I ever chose to go into making patterns for sale, that my sample really needed to be able to grab the potential customer. Right now I very well might choose the gray and yellow version for my purchase as i happen to need to make a yellow/gray quilt soon. But I could bet a dime to a donut, that as I was driving home, I would be thinking how I might change up this pattern to make a rich, warm, friendly, fireside kinda of quilt. Yup we live in Maine and the trees are already turning yellow and orange. Soon we will see a glorious brilliance right outside our doors.

Good luck with your choice. My last thought is this: In my humble opinion, I believe the colors and fabrics in each of the three quilts would be a good choice. I might ask myself: *Am I able to identify the emotion of the market I want to target? Which version would best be able to show how versatile this pattern can be? *What time of the year will this be available? (Soon after customers start buying it, people using Pinterest will quickly be able to see this quilt in different fabrics which is very helpful).

Be thinking of you as you make this important decision.

QuiltGram from Maine

Chantal said...

Love the pattern. Congrats!
You got me at yellow and grey. It's the reason why I clicked on this post. Love aqua and lime too but prefer Y&G. I don't celebrate Christmas so red & green aren't particularly something I am drawn too. Good luck with this hard decision. I know marketing can make or kill a deal. ;^)

Phantom-Rose said...

The yellow and grey is the most eye-catching to me. The red and green would just blend in with the monotonous Christmas patterns out there and the teal and green just lacks something...not sure what. But the first one really grabbed my attention.

Mary said...

I think the cover can draw people to buy the quilt yet sometimes the designer uses a quilt which is just ugly. My local quilt shop does a great job of being able to see the potential in a pattern and makes a quilt which sells the pattern. That probably doesn’t help you to make a decision. I am drawn to the yellow/gray as it’s colorful yet doesn’t scream a season. The aqua one seems summery and I love the colors. I know your patterns only feature one quilt photo but I have seen some patterns which provide the main quilt and pieces of the others so people can think of other color combinations. Could you add a note on the front saying for other color combinations go to www....? It looks like a fun pattern. Thanks for asking for our opinion.

Janice Holton said...

Love the aqua and lime!

Nancy L said...

I think the red and green would catch my eye. I love the other colors, but they aren't as striking, so red and green it is!!

bcarlf said...

I really love the yellow and grey, which surprises me because I am usually not drawn to yellow. This combination is really beautiful. The red and green is my least favorite because there is so much Christmas already to choose from. I thank you for the referral to Art Gallery fabrics and the fact that they don't fray as much. I will definitely be on the lookout for some.

Barb N said...

My thoughts in a nutshell:
1. The yellow and gray are just not my colors, and I would probably pass over it because of that.
2. Red and green relate directly to Christmas, and may limit the potential for this pattern.
3. I am "always" drawn to quilt in shades of blue, and so the aqua and green might be the one for me. But it's not the deep blue tones that appeal to my senses, and the lime green is very off-standish for some people.
4. I do believe the yellow and gray highlights the pattern potential the best, and you can see the various fabrics well, making it perfect for a scrappy quilt from your stash or working well with a bundle. So I would go with the yellow!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I am always drawn to the better photo... in this case the grey and yellow really draws me in because the photo is so much more detailed and I can see the quilting - so I can imagine me making it. I do like the blue and green but it is an overbrightented photo so It plays with my ability to see me re-creating it.... make sense?? ( I didn't realize I was so picky until you asked!) I also have bough this pattern from you and its in my queue to make!!

O'Quilts said...

My goodness, this yellow and grey is a lovely quilt. Beautiful colors together and a great job done.

Rida said...

I love the grey and yellow one. Greetings from Spain.